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Mon, Jul 15, 2024
Overview5Group exhibition
L.A.C. Lieu d'Art Contemporain, Sigean (FR)
July 6 - September 22, 2019




For the exhibition Genesis, Peter de Cupere shows new works in relation to the works of Yves Klein and Lucio Fontana. His choice for them was made by the conceptual interpretation of the use of colour and the canvas on its own.

In relation to the work ‘Monochrome bleu avec feuilles d'or’ (1960) by Yves Klein, we can experience two works where the scent of lavender is the main actor. The scratch and sniff painting with title ‘Relax’ shows a bleu oil painting of a lavender field in a golden cadre. The painting can be seen as a colour field and a reference to Yves Klein blue. While the visitor has to scratch the surface to discover the scent, the remain spots and traces of the touch with the fingers will make the painting more alive, nevertheless also less smelling. It’s a way to reflect on how society deals with nature. By interaction with nature (CF. Air pollution) we interfere with it and take away the beauty and health of it. A second work with a link to Klein’s blue is the smell carpet made out of the blue/purple flowers of fine lavender. The relaxing scent of the lavender in combination with the connected colour can be experienced as a meditation to come to your senses, just like the blue of Klein’s work can bring you in a state of mind. 

Peter de Cupere’s works primarily consists of making the spectator “odour conscious”, so we are able to add any context trough smell. Odour can be used as a concept, nevertheless can also be the context itself. So are his Scent Cut Paintings works that has to be experienced by the nose. These three paintings with cuts in the canvas carry each an abstract scent composition. The spectator has to smell the cuts to discover the scents. The cuts can be seen as a reference to the work of Fontana, nevertheless the way of perceiving the work is done more on an olfactory way to discover the beauty and mystery of his created scent compositions. You have to go close with your nose to the canvas, while doing this the canvas becomes more a mental isolation element to ensure that your focus is all concentrated to these scent experiences. Although the real work of art is actually laying behind the canvas, the canvas by its own stays an important part of it. It helps to create the isolation to the outer world to focus pure on what your nose is telling.

When touching this painting you smell the scent of lavender. 
More scratch & sniff paintings can be found via next links:
Curator: Christa Vyvey
Participating artists: Peter de Cupere,  Berlinde De Bruyckere, Koen Van den Broek, Peter Buggenhout, Hans op de Beeck, Wesley Meuris, Ronny Delrue, Stijn Cole, Pieter Vermeersch, Johan Tahon, Renato Nicolodi, Jonas Vansteenkiste
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