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Mon, Jul 15, 2024


An artistic and playful response to a verdict.

21.02.2014 - 21.03.2014

Peter de Cupere takes part in the exhibition with the work 'The Smell of Cold Sweat'. In this work you see the artist taking of the sweat drops of the head on the photopgraph. He collects them in a little bottle. in the exhibition he shows the 1 min. video together with the bottle with the smell of cold sweat. Visitors are allowed to open the bottle and smell the 'cold sweat'.

From Feb 20 to March 28. Open Thu-Sat from 14pm to 18pm.

Artists Lieven Segers and Tom Liekens asked more than 100 Belgian artists to create their own interpretation of the photo by Jean-Marie Dedecker of Katrijn van Giel, which Luc Tuymans inspired earlier for his painting A Belgian Politician.

Many responded very positively, with a visual response to a subject of which a lot of people has talked about. The works are shown together in the exhibition A Belgian Politician, which will take place in the nonprofit space Marion Cannière Art Space in Antwerp. The artists want in an artistic and playful way to express their dissatisfaction with what they considered unjust conviction for plagiarism.

An important decision that conflicts with the necessary freedom of art. Further work on existing images is a common given in art history of the last 100 years. Our legislation is insufficiently adapted to the artistic reality.
Each of these artists was able to convert an existing image into their own hands, by changing the views and content, so that a new picture emerged and one can no longer speak of plagiarism.

The exhibition is not its intention to taunt or compromising the photographer to the quality of her photographs.

MARION DE CANNIERE ART SPACE, pourbusstraat 3, Antwerpen

More info: https://www.facebook.com/events/423201044494801/?fref=ts