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Wed, May 31, 2023

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Lecture Olfactology Lab by Peter De Cupere at the Creativity World Forum 2011lecture-cwf-peterdecupere07lecture-cwf-peterdecupere08lecture-cwf-peterdecupere09lecture-cwf-peterdecupere10

lecture-cwf-peterdecupere11In his lecture "Olfactology Lab" Peter De Cupere talked about the possibilities how he as an artist interacts between nature and society.
The relationship between the use of scent as a creative aspect of his work and the references to scientific backgrounds and mental responses (based on the memory of the viewer's mind). As examples of his olfactory artworks he explains his tree - and flower works. He ended his lecture with his "Flower Fragum Cardamomi" which was exhibited during the whole Creativity World Forum 2011 event. November 16th 2011