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Mon, Jul 15, 2024

Video of the performance

Jan Fabre invited several artists to integrate art into his dance labo Troubleyn.

Peter Cupere made the work 'Sweat'. Sweat is a performance where the sweat of 5 dancers was caught. They wear specially designed costumes that were made out of plastic and connected by tubes. Before the action, the artist made a separate dish for each dancer. The intention is to catch the sweat from the dancers and to distill it. The sweat will be sprayed on a wall of the dance lab and protected by a glass box. In the glass is a small hole where visitors can smell the sweat. The performance is shown by video in the glass tank. More info will follow soon. The performance is shown for a selective audience (200 people, no places available anymore).

Other artists who are invited to realize a new art integration are: Michael Borremans, Koen Van den Broek, Berlinde De Bruykere, Joep van Lieshout, Robert Devriendt, Johan van Geluwe, ... for the total list from the earlier art integrations and more info: www.troubleyn.be


The dancers have a different diner before the acting. Through the dancing they will rteact different on the food and smell and the smell of the sweat will be more pronounced between them.

5 different entrees

5 different soups

5 different main dishes

The dessert

The Sweat Performance


Some more photos of the performance