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Mon, Jul 15, 2024

Marta Intermezzo


08.06.2014 – 15.06.2014

Peter de Cupere shows his Invisible (SCENT) Paintings using the scratch & sniff technology. The scent gives in relation to the title of the painting a certain context. Only by scratching the surface and smelling the scent on your fingers you understand the meaning of the title.


Invisible SCENT Paintings from Peter De Cupere on Vimeo.




For one time Marta Herford will be extending its renovation pause in the large exhibition rooms by a week for a spectacular intermezzo.

For the first time, the exhibition rooms created by Frank Gehry will themselves be the focus of attention within the framework of numerous artistic projects.

What is it like to see or smell the Gehry galleries from above, to measure them on skates, running or dancing, or if the light suddenly goes out? Is it possible to hear architecture?

For a whole week the museum will look at its own architecture in the field of tension between the visible and the invisible, light and dark, materiality and immateriality, offering completely new experiences of space for all visitor groups – it will also offer a preview of the major Marta anniversary in 2015.

Other artists: Franz Erhard Walther, Bettina Khano, Heiko Wommelsdorf, ... and many more: see link total program

More info: http://marta-herford.de/index.php/marta-intermezzo/