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Thu, Jul 09, 2020
Newsletter Peter De Cupere
Subject: Newsletter Peter De Cupere
Send date: 2011-03-17 14:08:41
Issue #: 11


Adembenemend (Breathtaking)
17.03.2011 - 20.11.2011

Opening 17.03 - 20h

Exhibition for a good charity. On the last day, all artworks auctioned for the benefit of the mucosal association, an organization dedicated to patients with cystic fibrosis (Mucoviscidose)




The name of the project 'Breathtaking' and the theme of 'air' fit well with the chosen charity. Contributing artists include Peter De Cupere, Panamarenko, Koen Van Mechelen, Peter Weidenbaum, Philip Aguire, Nick Andrews, Yves Baumont, Jean Bilquin, Stijn Félix, Emiel Hoorne, Julie, Pointdextr, Pjeroo Roobjee, Patrick Steen, William Sweetlove, Peter Symoen, Hans Vandekerckhove, Eric Vandepitte, Benoit Van Innis, Jan Van Riet.


Everyone is welcome at the exhibition on Friday and Saturday from 14 to 20 pm and Sunday from 11 to 16 pm. The auction begins Sunday, March 20 at 18 pm

Peter De Cupere shows the drawing: "Olfactory Man"

More info: www.tentoonstellingadembenemend.be


Article: Scents & Sensibility by Barbara Pollock in ArtNews Magazine




Gunpowder, grass, jasmine, pine, pollution, and patchouli are some of the odors wafting around galleries, museums, and studios these days as artists incorporate scent into the esthetic experience. Barbara Pollock gives an overview of the most important Olfactory Artists. Read the article in the Artnews Magazine issue of March or find a text version here

New drawings: Libidinosus

Libidinous: "lustful," mid-15c., from L. libidinosus "full of desire, lustful," from libido

1. full of sexual lust; lustful; lewd; lascivious.
2. of, pertaining to, or characteristic of the libido.


Libidinosus is a serie of 100 drawings with the nose view as the main sense. No eyes, no mouth and no ears. It's the basic for an instinctive survival. It are in one way caricatures, but besides the funny look of some creatures it's a reference to the important of the smell.

Imagine a world where everyone has only a big nose. No eyes, no ears, no mouth, but only a nose that has potential to do the stuff we need the most. You can see some of the first drawings here on the website.


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