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Tue, Feb 18, 2020
WORLD PREMIERE Sillage, The Naked Perfumance
Subject: WORLD PREMIERE Sillage, The Naked Perfumance
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Sillage, The Naked Perfumance

A world premiere in which models present  perfumes naked and spectators experience the fashion show blindfolded with their nose.

The 'Naked perfumance, Sillage of Peter de Cupere (BE) and Kóan Jeff Baysa (US) places the spectator a major challenge. From the prelude with sensual sounds by DJ Buscemi to overwhelming scents on the bodies of nude models: this will become a very unique experience.

This world premiere will take place in the Fashion Museum in Hasselt, BE on October 29th.

For the first time in the history of art and fashion, this event will take place and will draw a lot of media attention worldwide.


Sillage, The Naked Perfumance is the first fashion show in which models present perfumes and in which you cannot see the models themselves as spectators. Sillage is more than just a perfumance, it is an art work in which the spectator is encouraged to let their own creativity and phantasy work. Every perfume provides a different image of a person and it is up to the spectator to mentally create these persons themselves.
At the Sillage naked perfumance we know that the models pass by at 50 to 60 cm from us. We even feel them because of a little air movement when they walk past. You can hear footsteps close to you and then you observe the perfumes.



At Sillage it is not only the models who expose themselves, but also the spectator should be open to let the models walk past this closely to them. It speaks for itself that an imaginary feeling of sexuality is involved.


Peter de Cupere on Sillage:

“We chose 10 top perfumes. The brand names are kept secret. Spectators will have a lovely, scented experience. With ‘Sillage’ we pass by the boundaries of a normal fashion show. It expresses how we as humans experience identity. Fashion dresses mankind and provides a new identity to a person. Same goes for perfume. Perfume dresses your own human scent.

But Sillage also addresses sensuality, attraction and repulsion, mystery and the unknown. We guarantee that no dirty smells will be used. It is purely experiencing different perfumes. As a spectator you are at a distance of about 50 to 60 cm from the models. They pass you by at a very close range. You know they are nude, but you only experience the perfume they carry.

This mystery makes it extra exciting. The scent lingers in your nose and mind until another scent takes over. You know that beautiful female and male models are passing you by. We explicitly chose for a cultural diversity in models. They have different nationalities and backgrounds. Black, white, all are present. No distinction is made. Every human being is beautiful. They come from Paris, Brussels and Amsterdam.

Models from Paris, Amsterdam, Brussels, ...

See the models online: Click Here

As is the case with fashion shows, pictures will be taken and the whole perfumance will be filmed. We have hired a professional company so that there is sufficient monitoring of the images which are released. No press photographers are allowed, simply because we do not want spectators or models to be photographed wrongly. Only total shots, besides a selection of detailed images in which people will be hardly recognizable, will be shared with the press after the event. Whomever tries to take a picture secretly, will be kindly escorted outside. There is a dress code. Only spectators who are dressed in black evening dress will be allowed. Furthermore, one is not allowed to apply any perfume. At the entrance, one will be monitored on whether or not a perfume has been used. We do not want the perfume of a spectator to hinder other spectators to experience the event properly. If one is carrying a perfume, there are two possibilities. To wash off the perfume from the skin with a scentless soap or to be refused to participate in the event.”

The scent fashion show itself takes a maximum of 15 to 20 minutes. After the models have left the setting, the blindfolds are taken off. Thus curiosity towards what you have just experienced remains. You need to mentally create an image to the perfumes which you smelled. Thus you create an imaginary person to the scent. Afterwards you can review the event on the video and also visually observe the models.


The idea of Sillage, The Naked Perfumance came about in 2013 when curator Koan Jeff Baysa of the Institute Art & Olfaction in Los Angeles came to visit Peter de Cupere in his studio. Same interests at the base of long conversations, it turned out that both of them had more or less one and the same idea and they decided to realise Sillage together. 3 years later, Peter found the possibility to realise their project for the Triennial of Hasselt, BE. This coming Saturday 29th October 2016, the world premiere Sillage starts. It is the intention to organise this event in different variations at other fashion and art locations.


Who wants to be present at the world premiere has to hurry. There are only few places left. Your presence helps writing history in the world of fashion and art.


About the meaning of Sillage:

Sillage (pronounce as: [see-yazh]) is from origin a French word and literally means ‘trail’ or ‘trace’ (it sound more poetic in English). The word is used to address the trace of a boat or the trail of an airplane in the blue sky. Perfumista’s and experts of perfume use the word to describe what kind of scent trail you leave behind when wearing a certain perfume. An indication of how strong a scent sticks around in the air or the nose.

What are Perfumances?

The word ‘perfumance’ in itself, did not exist. It is a term which artist Peter de Cupere uses since 1998 to describe performances in which scents are used. Later on the word was adopted by others and has since often been used to describe an event with smells. Besides the word perfumance, de Cupere also uses the words Scentings instead of scent happenings.


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