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Tue, Jul 16, 2024


Group show in the adjacent space (NEW) of TICK TACK with:

Koen van den Broek
Nadia Naveau
Renato Nicolodi
Cindy Wright
Charif Benhelima
Peter de Cupere
Wim Catrysse

Curated by Koen van den Broek


Peter de Cupere broadens our sensory experience through the sense of smell, his statement is 'Seeing better by smelling better'. In his work, he immerses us in the world of intimacy, introversion, secrets, introspection, but also daring confrontations with references to Lucio Fontana. He challenges the viewer by showing, at first sight, modest manipulations which however require participation. For him, scent is a metaphor for nature and the environment, but also for odors and perfumes. Moreover, he shows with humor and irony that there is also a smell in our contemporary society.

Finissage Apero SUNDAY 20 OCTOBER 15:00-19:00
Introduction by Willem Elias, Director HISK
Press release by Emeritus Professor Professor Johan Swinnen, Founder and former director of the HISK
Anarchie van de openheid
Anarchy of openness

At the start of the HISK-Vlaanderen decree in 1994, as successor to the National HISK, the then minister of education Luc Van den Bossche asked me to write down the mission of the new art institute as a non-profit organization in two sentences. For this I was assisted by the artists and teachers Fred Bervoets, Philip Aguirre y Otegui, Herbert Binnenweg, Wim van Remortel and Hugo Heyrman. After an evening of brainstorming, the core assignment was formulated: 'The fundamental task of the HISK is to create the necessary conditions and provisions for its candidate laureates in which their artistic talent can develop. The HISK has the task of preparing the candidate laureates, through independent contacts with society and professional practice, for self-employment in the artistic field.'

In the following days we also formulated the values of the HISK. It was clear to all of us that the HISK would never get involved with any sphere of power. As an art house , the HISK had to create a space for diversity, openness, humanism and freethinking. The choice was made for an open concept where it was up to the young artist in residence to make a choice whether he or she would turn chaos into order and how this should be done. With these core values, the HISK was started and the approach to invite (inter)national guest lecturers to the studios on a monthly basis proved to be a success formula. The HISK evolved into a breeding ground where artists forged a bond and inspired each other. The values of the HISK were further developed in a cooperative manner in the acronym 'AFACA': Authenticity, Focus on world (art), Artistic expansion, renewal and perseverance, Confrontation and finally and very importantly Anarchy of openness. A dynamic emerged that caused tension through a spontaneous survey about the role of the artist in Flanders, Europe and the world. The HISK concept was authentic in its approach. People felt an energy when they looked at how each resident shaped contemporary art in a personal way. On the 'Open-Studio-Days' , feedback from many professional visitors such as curators, museum directors and art critics encouraged us to continue on the chosen path. Critique like 'challenging, surprising and emotional' sounded through the corridors and often, still during their HISK period, artists were asked to exhibit at important exhibitions. The studios offered such a strong experience that it stimulated the mind and opened it up to groundbreaking visual art. 

I use the words passion and desire to describe the sparking energy behind this reunion of seven HISK pioneers, for I cannot find any other way to explain these extraordinary talents in their authenticity. They have in common that they all resided in the Antwerp studios of the HISK. Through their contemporary art, I note that they are able, independently of each other, to be themselves and to measure in beauty the temperature of the world, even though it is feverish. Each work of art opens a door to original ideas and offers questions on how art can contribute to a new perspective and reorientation of identity, as the core and engine of a broader engagement.

More info: www.ticktack.be