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Mon, Jul 15, 2024


Cacaofabriek, Helmond, NL

20.12.2015 - 24.01.2016


In the group exhibition 'Schone Kunsten' are three new works. One bullet made of glass filled with the scent of blood, one filled with the scent of black money and one filled with black oil. Besides these new works there are also Heroes Also Die, Blood Helmet, War Flower 1, Dead Body Bullets, Drawing War Flower 1 and The Flower Mask, works that have been in some exhibitions before like The Smell of War in Poperinge earlier this year.

The exhibition is curated by Ageeth Boermans and Bert Loerakker.


Blood Bullet, 2015


Black Money & Black Oil Bullet, 2015


Dead Body Bullets, 2015


War Flower 1, 2014


Heroes Also Die, 2003 - 2015


Blood Helmet, 2015


Overview Exhibition


Participating artists: Caroline Coolen, Fik van Gestel, Tom Liekens, Hervé Martijn,Yoann van Paris and myself

More info: www.cacaofabriek.nl or cacaofabriek.com