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Mon, Jul 15, 2024

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Overview book: 20 years working with scents

Olfactory Art, Scent in Context

472 pages, 3KG, + 1500 Photos, 22 Scratch & Sniff images, 5 cm thick

Published by Stockmans Publishers

Order here: www.stockmansartbooks.be


 For several years, researchers and industrialists were interested in sensorial effects of their breakthroughs and products on the human-being. New markets were created, in the field of touch, hearing, taste and vision, with more innovative products. But how about the sense of smell and its digitization?  Digital Olfaction Society World Congress 2013 will be held in Berlin in April 11-12, 2013 and will aim to open up toward a subject with large scientific and industrial potential, called the olfaction digital science.

More info: www.digital-olfaction.com