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Thu, Jul 09, 2020
3 Exhibitions / 1 New Smell Invention
Subject: 3 Exhibitions / 1 New Smell Invention
Send date: 2012-06-30 01:14:35
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Exhibition News

Efemeer (Ephemeral)

voorstel-2a-efemeervoorstel-efemeerScratch & Sniff the Nature

by Peter De Cupere

01.07.2012 - 07.10.2012

30.06.2012 15:00h  Opening exhibition by Joke Schauvliege (minister of Culture)

Museum Deinze - Belgium

Peter De Cupere made 2 new olfactory interactive installations.
Both works refer to nature and memory/history.
- One installation is related to the painting 'Bietenoogst', 1890 by the Flemish artist Emile Claus. When you scratch & sniff the surface of the glass you smell the surface and dirth of the field in the painting.
- The second olfactory installation is related to the landscape behind the glass and smells like grass when scratching the surface. The more you scratch the more you can see through the glass, the more the smell will disappear and the more there'll be fingerprints on the glass


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150 Years Canal Roeselare-Leie


23.06.2012 - 31.10.2012


Brewery Flowers by Peter De Cupere



Through a unique collaboration between companies located near the canal and successful artists, the Canal Roeselare-Leie will be transformed into an unmissable art route. In the cities near the canal one or more specific artwork will be visible. These works underline the symbiosis between creativity and entrepreneurship. All this must give the canal a stronger look.

Peter Cupere is known for his scent installations, but he makes also fantastic drawings. Inspired by the brewing process, ingredients, history, etc. of the brewery Vanhonsebrouck, Peter De  Cupere made five new concept drawings to realize a ‘Brewery Flower ‘. Collect the 5 collector’s cards and discover the scents of these concept drawings.
Rub your fingers over the printed drawing on the card to discover the smell.

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The Blind Smell Stick


Explore the smells of your city, environment or another location by simply walking by and sniffing with the Blind Smell Stick.

The little bulb on top of the stick has holes in it and it detects the smells. With the use of a few mini ventilators, heating, and filters, the scents reach your nose through a special tube. You can wear dark sunglasses and really focus on the smells or you can also open the dark glasses and take a look at what you're smelling.

It's another way to explore a city or the surroundings.

The Blind Smell Stick lets you re-design the way you experience your life. 
It's also a tool to help blind people to find their way and to help them enjoy their daily life more.

It has a lot of possibilities. We could make a smell line (Smell Groove) through the city and every street would have their own smell. That makes it easier on people to find their way and also makes it more pleasurable.


More info: www.blindsmellstick.com


Cultural Odor Generator


cultural-odor-generator-peter-de-cupere05 cultural-odor-generator-peter-de-cupere17cultural-odor-generator-peter-de-cupere11

C-Mine Genk - Belgium 

 April 2012 - April 2014

A selection of 40 fragrances based on cultural specific odors of the hundred nationalities living in the city Genk (Belgium). Thanks to the history of the coal mine (C-Mine) more than 100 nationalities are living in Genk.

As a visitor you can explore the selected smells and make a selection.
Through a computerized system, the smells are mixed well with the odors of its predecessors. You can fill a balloon with this mix of scents and take this smell mix home. Cultural Odor generator remains to be seen until April 2014 in C-Mine in Genk.

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Press News: Tomorrow article in CITTA (Gazet van antwerpen) about the Blind Smell Stick and a smell walk through the city of Antwerp

Article in the Huffington Post: Peter De Cupere's Olfactory Art Generates Unique Multi-Sensory Experience : http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/05/17/peter-de-cupere_n_1517811.html?ref=fb&src=sp&comm_ref=false#s=982417

Interview in English with Peter De Cupere by Kornelija Cesonyte (Lithuania):Strawberry and Cardamom


Article on collabcubed.com: http://collabcubed.com/2012/05/11/peter-de-cupere-olfactory-art/

Upcoming exhibition: FUTURES



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